Time for family

Gain new perspective and the tools to move forward with family therapy


Resolve your conflicts

And deepen your
connection, together.

Family relationships are some of our most cherished and complicated.  With Time For Family, we'll work with you and your unique family situation to get to the root of issues and ignite honest and insightful conversations. 

Family Therapy Programs

    Restore the balance in your relationships 


This 1-day program was built to enhance family bonding and strengthen ties with a new perspective and the tools to move forward.


The 2-day program is for reflecting on hurts, listening with an open mind and moving towards a new perspective together as a family.


Our week-long Family Therapy Retreat offers a safe environment and the time for your family to address core issues together.

Family Therapy

Understanding the challenges of families leading a global life helps address the issues at hand. You'll get the perspective and tools to move forward.



Drs. Jeanine Souren

Psychologist -  Psychotherapist  -  Couples & Family Therapist  -  Sexologist

"I believe that therapy is great, but shouldn’t last forever. That's why I developed these short, intensive programs. This fast-acting approach to family therapy  is unique — it helps family members bridge the gaps that have cracked the family system in an eye-opening and proactive way. "


Drs. Jeanine Souren's intensive programs are built to empower your family, find ways to reconnect and break through patterns.​ 

A unique approach

Family matters

Here is what we know. Happy families are rare. Sustainable harmony requires meaningful time together, continued care and keen awareness. 


That's where the Time For Family programs come in. Our goal is not to assign blame. Our goal is to help find a new way forward in a profound way. 

And so does time



Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters. The Time For Family Programs are set up to find ways for reconnection that more traditional therapies have a hard time achieving. That’s where we come in. Intensive family therapy can be the catalyst for profound change.

When the whole family grows, each individual member is better off,  as each individual in the family system impacts and is impacted by the others.  



What people say

“The struggles in our family dominated my world completely, for over 2 years. We tried conventional therapy, only half of my family was willing to join. That did not work. We then had Ms Souren invite all family members, with an explanation and a personalized invitation, after which we were able to get everyone to join. It was defenitely worth the investment in every way.” 

—  Participant 2-day Family Program, 2019



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