Family Therapy Retreat

Resolve your conflicts and deepen your connection over a week-long retreat


This 1- week Family Therapy Retreat is meant for strengthening ties but also helps if your family struggles with what it is to be a familyEach relationship, situation and each individual is unique, therefore, the approach I choose is customized and differs for each family system. We have combined the relaxed setting of a vacation with the opportunity to work on strengthening family relationships. The family therapy week offers hope in a retreat environment. And time, for your family to examine the dynamics and address core issues. We focus on hard held beliefs, strengthening relationships and improving emotion regulation in all family members. This format is unique and emotionally enriching. 


With Time For Family, expertise is combined with creativity and experience. We use the best of traditional wisdom and modern psychological — evidence-based — approaches. We work together in an interactive process, designed to facilitate concrete changes in your family. Through powerful conversations that are intended to inspire new thinking, perceptions and behavior, we create a different perspective and increase your family's psychological flexibility. ​​​

Expect the highest level of clinical professionalism and experience  — it matters. ​​​​

Repairing and Rebuilding

All family members are seen individually on most days, whole families are seen on a number of days, parents are seen together daily and sibling dyads or groups are seen as needed. The format is unique in that it allows a family to step out of a daily environment into a healing surrounding to learn, connect and play while addressing hurts and hopes. 


Prepare to use the new insights and skills your family has acquired in order to live a life of contentment and positive communication. The bonding you experience while on your family retreat will last a lifetime!

Location of your choice — national or international.

7-day schedule Family Therapy Retreat 

Intake and planning will take place several weeks in advance of the program day

Diagnostic interview parents together:                           1.5 hour

Interview parent 1:                                                               1 hour

Interview parent 2:                                                              1 hour

Diagnostic tests:                                                                 1.5 hour​

Personalized invitation children and other family members:           2 hours

Individualized family treatment plan + program days planning:       12 hours

Everyday  -  7 days

09.30 - 10.30:  1 hour Parents

10.30 - 12.30:  2 hour Family Session


13.30 - 15.30:  2 hour Afternoon Session

15.30 - 17.00:  1.5 hour Family Bonding Assignment (active, fun)


Each day ends with a Bonding Assignment, this is an essential part of the program and will be tailored to the situation at hand. 


This is our normal schedule, adjustments may be made to accommodate either your needs. 

The therapy schedule is individualized, depending on ages and number of family members as well as particular family issues. Nonetheless, it can be said that parents are seen daily together, all family members are seen individually on most days, whole families are seen on a number of days. 




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