What Time For Family programs entail



Time For Family offers three distinct programs are to help families grow together and resolve conflict with a professional approach. The 1-day program is for family bonding and strengthening ties. The 2-day program is for reflecting on hurts, listening with an open mind and moving towards a new perspective. And the 1-week program focusses on families that have difficulties being a family and need guidance. 

We built these programs to help you move beyond your struggles and to heal the sense of isolation that often comes with disturbed family ties. By opening doors to a new perspective and forgiveness, you will grow bonds in the family system.

What our programs focus on

  • Issues of addiction    

  • Emotional detachment   

  • Adult children dynamics

  • Bonding


  • Blended families    

  • Loss/Grieving    

  • Third Culture Kids (TCK)

  • Strengthening ties


  • Family offices  

  • Parent-child estrangement

  • Disturbed communication

  • Sibling conflicts 


Program location — a healing environment

The location you choose is up to you, whether it's a ski-resort or an island setting, a place in the hills or on the ocean. But no matter what, it should be away from the distractions of your daily life. These programs provide hope and the opportunity to grow family bonds while at the same time having fun together in a healing environment. It's a proven and powerful combination for change. 


Our multiple-day program with research-based interventions allows families to find new avenues for reconnection and to examine its unique dynamics and address core issues quicker. More traditional therapy approaches, however, often take a substantially longer period to achieve comparable results. 

Family matters.

Resolve your conflicts and deepen your connection


Program pricing

Finding avenues for reconnection

Without guilt or blame, I will help you and your family gain clarity and enhance your connection. This accelerated approach is equal to 4-5 months of traditional family therapy.

1-Day Program

While the 1-day session focuses on connections, the additional day in this program is dedicated to gaining a new perspective. Ideal for jumpstarting change.

A powerful combination for change and healing

The Weekend Program

This is a unique opportunity to combine a family vacation with meaningful time together. When family members need to heal, forgive and ultimately find a new perspective. 

Repair & rekindle in a fun setting of your choice

Family Therapy Retreat



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